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No More Waist is the new and popular waist clinching sweatband that can be worn to constrict and slim the waist almost instantly. The sturdy latex material is comfortable with sweating mechanisms that will guarantee and stimulate perspiration in the mid-section.

Appearance Benefit

Wearing the No More Waist will provide a smaller waistline and a thinner overall appearance. It definitely reminds you to sit up straight and minimize over eating. Sweating promotes weight loss and rids the body of toxins. Therefore, with any fitness regimen and firm compression, the body will sweat more in that target area. When you exercise, it decreases the stress hormone called cortisol and increases endorphins. Losing weight is a great way to boost your confidence and feel better about yourself. It’s not just about the numbers on the scale but moreso how many inches you’ve lost. Our goal is to LOSE inches!

Health Benefit

No More Waist provides back support and posture control. The boning and latex material gives the abdominal area support due to the double Velcro adjustment. It also has the capabilities to boost thermal activity and increase perspiration.

Surgery Benefit (Lipo/Tummy tuck)

Always give your abdominal at least two weeks post-surgery before beginning waist training. This is a lifestyle change; therefore, a balanced diet and weekly exercise gives you the best results. DO NOT have surgery with the mind frame that the fat won’t reappear. You will be sadly mistaken. No More Waist will definitely be beneficial post-surgery due to the compression and molding the skin into an hour glass frame. Ultimately, this forces your body to adjust to the change while remolding the mid-section.

No More Waist promotes healthy living and helps you to reach your target weight loss

  • Wear it watching TV, cooking or doing chores
  • Adjustable straps for weight loss purposes
  • Attractive color scheme, black, hot pink and white
  • Burns 125 calories in an hour with prop0er hydration
  • Works instantly
  • Great for working out
  • Pack nicely in suitcase
  • Safe for Airport security
  • Helps with Back Posture
  • No More Waist has no uncomfortable wiring
  • Our 7 day Detox provides a great start toward your weight loss goals

Let’s get fit and feel good about ourselves!

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Since No More Waist is made out of a latex material, do not wear it skin to skin.  Put on a small tank or t-shirt and place the sweatband on top.  Make sure to use a size chart and choose the correct size.  DO NOT tighten so much that your organs are squished.  We do not want to decrease breathing capabilities.

  • 6 Hours a day is ideal waist training
  • Listen to your body and wear it as long as you are comfortable
  • Cardio and a healthy diet is required to experience last results
  • No More Waist is a sweat band not a waist clincher
  • You will not experience bruising or dark discoloration because there is no wiring as some waist clinchers and girdles.

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